Thursday, July 16, 2009

Twelve Free or Inexpensive Things to Do at the Shaker Heritage Society

Bring your lunch (or pick up a sandwich at the Shaker Shed Cafe nearby) and sit on the bench in the Herb Garden while you eat and read about how the Shakers used the plants they grew.

Go on a nature walk around Ann Lee Pond or jog around the site.

Shop for birthday or holiday gifts in the Shaker Gift Shop or at one of our Craft Fairs.

Bring a sketchbook or camera and capture the landscape and historic architecture.

Pick up a self guided tour brochure and imagine what it would have been like to visit here in 1848.

Bring binoculars and watch the mockingbirds, deer, rabbits, kestrels and other wildlife.

See if you can get the turkeys to gobble or the rooster to crow.

Bring a couple friends and play Frisbee on the lawns.

Say hello to William the Museum Cat.

Try weaving fabric on a loom.

Visit the oxen, Freight and Liner, and Kerry the steer.

Bring a book and a blanket and relax under a tree
as you catch up on your reading.