Saturday, August 29, 2009

Concert Seating Chart

We have heard that many of you would like to see how the room will be set up for the Natalie Merchant Concert on Sunday, September 27. The image posted above illustrates the different seating sections and the locations of the gift shop and exhibit room. Please note that the only two ways into the actual concert space on the day of the performance will be through the back door (at the top of the image, marked "entrance") and through the east side door where the handicapped entrance is located. Only those needing to use the ramp will be admitted through this door.
The colors of the chart correspond with the colors of the tickets.
Yellow: The first three rows (A - C) at $150 per ticket.
Blue: The fourth through tenth rows (D - J) at $75 per ticket.
Green: The "Rising Seats" benches (General Admission) at $50 per ticket.
Purple: The performance space.
The space is approximately 80' by 50' feet.